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"Wellbeing Conversations A La Carte" at Claridge's




"An excellent day. You were brilliant and your guests loved it."

Prof Nagy Habib,Imperial College, London

"What you are doing is the future....Thank you for such a visionary brunch! Spectacular!"

Mrs Lisa Tse, President "The Sorority"

Alla's brunch'
Unprecedented Holistic Collaborations
The Concept...
Alla's brunch'
Trailblazing Perspective
In Alla's words...
Alla's brunch'
Meaningful Glamour

The Latest From Medical Science. The Best From the World of Healing. The Finest of British Luxury.

Alla Svirinskaya hailed as the “super guru of London,” has been at the forefront of holistic wellbeing for the past 30 years and authored bestsellers translated into more than 26th languages . In her highly- acclaimed concept “Wellbeing Conversations a la Carte” Alla gathers and joins a dream-team of world-class medical experts and Claridge’s Executive Culinary Team in a series of unprecedented holistic collaborations.

Her guest collaborators already included world-renowned specialists such as Prof Habib, Prof Ray and Dr Aziz-Scott and Alla's menus were prepared by the legendary Claridge's Executive Chef Martyn Nail and Claridge's new Michelin Star Executive Chef Richard Galli.

The global experience of lockdown during the pandemic revealed two precious currencies : - the value of human energy exchange and that health is wealth. Alla's club strives to enrich women with both of these currencies!

"Wellbeing Conversations A la Carte" also raises an awareness of gender bias in medicine and that until recently all medical research was modeled on male physiology. All experts presentations are given through the prism of women's health and honour women's unique physiological and energy expressions.

Guests are invited to a series of exclusive bespoke brunches featuring dynamic presentations by Alla and her guest experts at The Foyer Private, Claridge's.The interpersonal exchange between women is an essential emotional and physiological need, so events celebrate the alchemy of the female unison- from the informal Q&A to an opportunity to connect with a new circle of women.

The menu is designed for the ultimate nutraceutical and energy nourishment, based on Alla's renowned healing philosophy and created by Claridge's Executive Culinary Team. The menu is unique to each event and fine-tuned to the topic of discussion.

"Wellbeing Conversations A La Carte" at Claridge's is a celebration of the best of healthcare expertise, trailbazing prescriptions for wellbeing and enjoyment of some quality 'me- time' with other like-minded ladies.

The Gallery of Previous Club Brunches

" Secrets for Cardio Youth"

with Prof Ray

" Secrets for Liver Youth"

with Prof Habib

Alla's guest of honour at "The Secrets for LIver Youth" Lydia Slater, editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar UK

"Secrets for Third Youth" 8/03/22

with Dr Aziz-Scott

"Secrets for Third Youth" 4/05/22

with Dr Aziz-Scott

"Secrets for Third Youth" 4/06/22

with Dr Aziz-Scott

"Energy Prescriptions for 2023"

Bespoke Menus By Alla for Each Event

Behind the scenes with the legendary Claridge's Executive Chef Martyn Nail and Claridge's Food and Beverage Events Manager Barbara Poljak

In Alla's words...

My mission is to help women stay ageless and celebrate every season of their youth!

Youthfulness is not just skin deep!

Effective youth-preserving strategies for our internal organs are essential for an ageless living instead of solely a wrinkle-free look! Our biological age does not have to match the chronological one! Many will know my mantra: "we are not our age - we are our energy and biochemistry!"

Every brunch-event experience is dedicated to youth-preserving strategies for a particular organ from the cutting-edge medical perspective and to its correlating energy centres.

This is my contribution to making a difference in a world where all medical research has been modelled on male physiology, where women continue to suffer from gender bias in medicine, prejudice regarding holistic healthcare and ageing.

Each event is a collaboration with some of the biggest stars in the medical world, as I passionately believe in honouring true expertise and working with the most respected specialists in their field. I am thrilled that launch-year was a sold-out success for each of my brunch events and featured such medical stars as Dr Aziz-Scott, Prof Ray, Prof Habib.

As long as we keep evolving, the best is yet to come!