Alla Svirinskaya


"Remarkable healing powers... I am a massive fan of Alla"

Bio-energy healing

Bio-energy therapy involves the replenishment of human "bio-currents" and the elimination of energy disturbances and blockages.

Bio-currents are manifested in the bio-field surrounding the body - aura. This radiant energy field encompasses all human-beings, has been recorded by the Kirlian photography. There are 7 main layers in our aura, much like an onion structure. Each layer serves its specific purpose. Emotional energy represents our emotional spectrum, mental energy relates to our intellect and etc. All the levels should be well adjusted and integrated into one another. It is absolutely vital that all these energies have similar frequencies. For example, if the emotional energy is low, because you are depressed it will pull down the mental energy, which will affect your way of thinking. The definition of a healthy person is someone who is healthy both in his/her physical body and also in his/her aura.

The human aura has areas that serve as energy depots. These areas store our energy and transmute it to our organs. In Sanskrit they are known as chakras. Each chakra exerts and influences us through the etheric, astral and mental bodies. It also creates a vibration, the frequency of a specific colour or sound.

Physicists have proven that everything is made up solely of energy (the Quantum Theory), ourselves included. Albert Einstein described matter as a form of energy, so with this in mind, any imbalance or blockage of energy within can create a condition or disease psychological or physiological, and in some cases both.

Energy shortage or blockages in the aura cause illness. Once the energy system has been disrupted, the body becomes weakened and will lose the sense of well-being. Bio-energy healing involves examination of the patient's aura to determine where the problem lies. The aura emits energy vibrations that can be detected by trained hands.

The disruption or imbalance in the frequency of the vibration correlate with disease, infection and injuries etc. Once the problem area has been identified the healer would tap into the infinite pool of universal energy which can then be directed with the great skill to the afflicted area of the individual. The bio-energy healer would almost "fine tune" the body back to health. Healing offers patients an opportunity for understanding their own bodies better and to realise their own hidden self-healing resources. Patients also would find out how lifestyle, eating, exercise and interacting with people around them, can effect the balance of their energy.

Success rate of the bio-energy therapy is high and patients often notice the change in their state of being after the first session.

My style of energy work is very straightforward. After the first treatment I am able to tell whether or not I can continue to work with the patient. The decision is based on how their energy responds to my healing. However, once I have started working with a patient and they do not observe a change in their state of being after the second treatment, I do not work with them any further on the basis that in my experience if there will be a successful outcome of my work people are likely to see the change straightaway.