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Energy Rules book by Alla Svirinskaya

Energy Rules

Deflect Negative Vibrations and Own Your Energy



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A unique toolbox-in-a-book that could change your energy levels and your life, from disruptor, visionary, and world-renowned wellness expert Alla Svirinskaya.

In this trailblazing book, Alla uncovers the hidden reason behind our energy and power loss – our innate tendency to synchronize with others, which brings positives such as infectious laughter and enthusiasm, but also negatives in the form of exhaustion from ‘catching’ negative vibes.

Energy knowledge brings energy power, and with the guidance of Energy Rules you will filter out what harms and attract what uplifts. Our energy is a precious part of our identity, as unique as our fingerprint, and we all possess a distinct ‘energy ID’. In this highly practical book, you’ll learn how to unlock yours and use it to navigate your life. Hailed as a ‘super guru’, Alla demystifies commonly misunderstood terms, like ‘toxic energy’, ‘energy hygiene’ and ‘energy vampire’ so you can transform the fear of negativity into your authentic superpower.

This practical and pro-inclusion guide is an ideal companion and catalyst to any modality of therapy and self-care routine you might be undertaking. Alla's results-oriented approach won her universal praise, and in this book full of easily applied expert know-how, you’ll discover how to:

  • live a ‘non-toxic energy’ lifestyle for thriving in the modern world
  • sustain your spiritual wellbeing throughout your daily life
  • self-scan your energy for blockages and life-force loss
  • supercharge your aura immunity for energy self-defence
  • recognize different types of energy vampires and create tailored protection
  • apply Alla’s practice-proven quick-shift energy techniques for immediate self-regulation
  • unlock your ‘energy ID’ and become your authentic self
  • apply ‘energy hygiene’ to purify your energy environment and clean your inner magnet for attracting intentions
  • use Alla’s ‘aura probiotics’ formula to enable positive energy not only to be attracted to you, but also thrive within you
  • share easy energy rules with family and friends to improve the energy environment in the world
  • minimize ‘digital pollution’ and embrace digital living on human terms
  • mend energy leaks to upsurge your life force
  • upgrade your self-care routine with secrets for personal energy management
  • supercharge your manifestation abilities
  • heal with a pioneering sense-hacking ‘Energyceutical’ Power Meditation

Energy might rule, but you hold the reins with Energy Rules!

For decades, bestselling author Alla Svirinskaya has made headlines around the world with her extraordinary healing power. Now, with her highly acclaimed Energy Rules, you can hold the power to your energy makeover and wellbeing breakthrough. Sounds too good? This book will feel even better – start playing by the new rules today and feel the difference!

This book was previously published as Own Your Energy.

Own Your Energy

Develop Immunity to Toxic Energy and Preserve Your Authentic Life Force

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Reclaim your energy from the people and experiences that sabotage your personal power.

 Your energy is as unique as your fingerprint and a precious part of your identity. When you disconnect from your authentic alignment you can attract toxic energy and become vulnerable to energy vampires (or become one yourself). But when you own your energy, you can raise your vibration, deflect negativity and reveal the best version of your life. Alla Svirinskaya is an internationally celebrated energy healer who has overcome tremendous cynicism from critics to bring her revolutionary methods into the mainstream. In this book, she draws on two decades of experience to explain how to:

  • reclaim your unique 'energy ID' and use it as your navigator in life
  • boost your aura's immune system to neutralize toxic energy
  • use the aura 'probiotics' formula to help you thrive in modern life
  • reboot your aura with a pioneering multi-sensory meditation
  • become invincible with the new concept of daily 'aura hygiene'

With this ground-breaking book you will achieve a new level of wellbeing and become a magnet for positive vibrations in your life and health.

Energy secrets - a book written by Alla Svirinskaya

Energy Secrets

Managing your life energy is the secret of well-being. Diets, supplements, exercise therapies: the key to making them work (and last!) is to match them to the essence of your energy flow. My step-by-step programme will provide methods for detoxing and recharging the mind, body and emotions. I will reveal to you wisdom of famous Russian healers and traditions perfected for modern healing. Although the subject of this book is something which is often perceived as intangible, the purpose of this book is to show you how it features in your lives at the most practical level. I will give a complete manual to help you to be masters of your own health and well-being.

This will involve finding balance on the physical, mental and emotional levels. It will also address matters such as harmony with our environments, our homes, our families and our friends. Every technique, every ritual, every meditation, every recipe in this book has been included because it works and has been tested time after time.

This book is unique in its pragmatic treatment of esoteric principles.

Based on my extensive healing experience passed down through 5 generations in my family, I attempt to give a genuinely integrated methodology throughout the book. Every layer of my metaphysical description connects with a practical guide on how to utilise it. I believe that what actually matters is the outcome. Therefore this book is written not as an intellectual exercise, but as applied knowledge.

I will share with you my knowledge, my secrets and insights. In the past this was available only to my patients: now I would like to make this knowledge more widely known and used in the hope that it will touch as many people as possible.

Think of it as a form of distant healing.

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Your Secret Laws of Power

Getting an appointment with Alla Svirinskaya, the highly sought after London healer, is impossible. She has celebrities queuing up to get a chance for an appointment. She has fiercely guarded the names of her clients and refuses to trade on the publicity that this would bring her. But now she has decided to make her techniques public so that she can help as many people as possible to improve their level of health.

Now in this groundbreaking step-by-step practical guide Alla shows you how you can bring yourself into a level of health and well-being that you previously thought impossible. In this book she describes her secret techniques and explains the laws of well-being that will help you step into your power.

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Alla's Instant Retreat " Meditation CD

3 Steps... Instant change... Lasting benefits

A unique selection of meditations exclusively designed for powerful transformation.

This audio retreat is an unprecedented fusion of brain science, extraordinary sound effects and expert guidance.

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