Alla Svirinskaya


Blog published on 18th October 2019

In recent years there’s been an exciting shift in attitude towards our aspirations, motivations, goals, and life in general. Wellness is becoming a new way to be healthy, kindness is the new cool, and fulfilment is a new success. And I believe that authenticity must become our new wealth. 

Hunting for status at work or in society, in order that one can be treated better than anyone else, is becoming a dated aspiration in the modern world. Being a very important person (VIP) might seem attractive but it only highlights an individual’s status and essentially, it’s a means of validating ourselves by impressing others. 

It’s a concept that’s been exploited by the service industry, which extorts money from us by flattering our ego. Someone may be convinced that they’ve made it in life because they own a yacht, sit in the royal box at the theatre and own multiple homes, but I’d argue that they can’t consider themselves wealthy or an achiever if they don’t own their energy.

I want to clarify here that I’ve absolutely nothing against financial wealth, fame or work status. They deserve to be celebrated! For me, as a healer, there’s only one question I would ask: what was your driver to achieve that and the price tag it carried for your life force? If you were driven by a desire for fulfilment based on your true values, soul honesty, and authenticity, then, as they say in France, chapeau (respect!)

Ultimately, though, I believe that our focus should shift from being a VIP to a VAP – a very authentic person. Being a VAP isn’t about snobbery, acquiring possessions or striving to be better than others but simply being the best version of ourselves. We’re already seeing that more and more people are shifting their aspirations from success to fulfillment, and from material possessions to spiritual experiences. 

Flashy parties and hedonistic holidays, designed to show off our wealth and intoxicate our bodies, are being replaced by wellness activities and better self-care. Generic living, wellness and healthcare are being transformed by the unprecedented demands for artisan and bespoke experiences.

A VAP isn’t interested in how others perceive them – they are concerned only with the attitude they have towards themselves and their relationship with Self. A VAP isn’t discriminatory. We all can and should be a VAP. It doesn’t depend on our status. It’s not about what we own, who we know, or how much money we have in the bank. It’s about who we truly are. 

It’s possibly the most exclusive club you can join because membership isn’t up for sale: you only acquire it through commitment to the authenticity and ownership of your energy.