Alla Svirinskaya

The "expensive job"

Blog published on 27th May 2020

When we reflect on our job, we usually assess it according to the perspective of: salary; career prospects; commute.  Upon reflection we tell ourselves it’s a ‘well-paid job’, refer to the ‘great prospects’ and most importantly for anyone travelling, is that it’s a ‘fast commute’.

However, I can share with you from my 25-year experience in energy healing is that there is also an ‘expensive job’, one that many do not even realise they have.  We often label things ‘expensive’, which have cost us a lot of money. For example, designer bags, cars, luxurious holidays and so forth.  Nevertheless, we also own and spend a different type of currency, one that I refer to as our life force.  We are so busy paying attention to prospects, salary, and job title.  But in doing so fail to recognise how much energy we are actually spending on a job and some of us are paying an extortionate amount in "life-force" currency.

In my practice, I have come across many people who have ‘expensive jobs’.  Often they make appointments in a totally burnt out state and feel completely overwhelmed with emotions.  When we fail to notice the ‘energy price tag’ of our job we also ignore the need to replenish our energy bank and end up in "energy poverty".

Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting you hand in your resignation and quit your " expensive job".  I am asking you not to ignore your reserves, physical limitations and to be aware that your life-force is constantly picking up the tab.  Quite often we pay for an ‘expensive job’ through the abuse of our physical and energy bodies.  It’s vital to take care of your energy on a daily basis and not only when you are feeling exhausted having spent all your energy resource.  Ensure your aura is in credit enabling you to afford your ‘expensive job’.