Alla Svirinskaya

The Faulty Lighter Syndrome: Why Your Partnership Might Fail To Achieve

Blog published on 2nd June 2020

Sometimes as a member of a partnership, you might find yourself making all the correct steps and investments but the desired outcome is keeping eluding you. The answer can lay in the energy of your partner and subsequently in the overall energy charge of your partnership's aura... Every business and personal partnership creates its own unique aura. The flow of energy inside this vortex of energy fuels your drive towards the common goals. In life, we can find ourselves in a situation when we embarked on a partnership with another believing we’re driven with the same aspirations and determination; we share a similar approach to life, the same goals, holding the belief in being on the same ‘wavelength’. Yet somewhere along the journey, the "energy truth" about the partnership begins to unravel: yes-intention, determination, aspirations and plans are still the same and mutual, however, the force of our partner's drive is very different to ours. Whilst you are charging forward to create something special and new, your partner is keeping playing it super safe by staying in the comfort of the known and finding change risky. We slowly begin discovering, a simple truth that the person we’re in a partnership with is a coward. Whilst it appears obvious to avoid forming a partnership of any nature, whether it is a business venture or personal, with a coward, in reality, it’s not so evident and the coward in question is most likely to be unaware of their own cowardice.

Does this sound harsh? Yes, but as the infamous motto; ‘you have to be cruel to be kind’, and it is the sole way to avoid repeating the habitual mistake of building a partnership with such people. Let’s rewind and explore what the term coward means. By definition, a coward represents a person not brave and is eager to avoid danger or pain..(Cambridge dictionary). We will take a step forward by applying this to the aura. The most appropriate analogy is to refer someone of this description is to that of a faulty lighter; they might sometimes produce an alluring spark but never actually ignite. You initially might believe that because they produce a spark they are ready to create a new fire, however, this can be a misleading assumption. For no fault of their own but their inner fears, coupled with the absence of courage will continuously dampen the burning energy of creativity and passion. The danger is their energy will act as an extinguisher to your partnership, goals, aspirations and most likely will be extinguishing your own personal light too.

However, there is another famous motto: ‘nothing is set in stone’ is a clear message that their energy does not have to remain a faulty lighter. They do have a choice. They can choose to address their fears, quit the micro-managing all the imaginary dangers that may lie ahead and emerge from their constant hiding. If they do not choose to overcome their fear then it’s paramount for you to; maintain boundaries, protect your own light, vision and passion. It’s also essential for you to tame your own expectations that the potential behind their spark will someday ignite, illuminating your life or business; it will unfortunately not, since the lack of courage will continuously keep them attached to the safety of the known and limitations unless they choose to carry out their inner work.