Alla Svirinskaya

Corona media as an energy vampire

Blog published on 29th February 2020

Coronavirus outbreak is turning newspapers into the energy vampires! So much fearmongering, speculations and doom case scenarios.

In my book Own Your Energy I have described various types of energy vampires. One of which is a person who is often making sensationalist and fear-based statements. When you react and engage in a doom’s day dialogue, they feed off the energy of your fear, panic, and hopelessness.

This is precisely how the press is behaving right now.

Readers are held in contempt and just used as a prop for siphoning the money( energy) through the clickbait. I think it’s a deeply irresponsible behavior during the time when the public is genuinely concerned. I consider this as one of the lowest forms of vampirism.

My advice for you is to learn facts from the government websites, listen to presentations by the experts in virology, resist wallowing in speciations and stop reading fear-mongering articles.

Like with any vampires, stop being their energy donor by denying your attention and reaction .

Fear and panic compromise your immune system as it resonates with the energy of the defeat and submission. So the best/effective thing we can do now is to take better care of ourselves by resisting heartless provocations and properly following the rules of hygiene.