Alla Svirinskaya

Authenticity vs Audience

Blog published on 25th July 2020

Covid-19 has impacted us all in one way or another through the lockdown.  For some, the lockdown would have been a welcoming chance to find a sense of stillness; pause from the constant rushing and juggling of tasks.  For others, lockdown would have been an unsettling period in which the everyday norm was greatly missed.  Regardless, the lockdown has provided a universal opportunity to audit our hierarchy of values.  This may appear callous given the dire impact of the pandemic nonetheless it should also be treated as a period of self-assessment of your authenticity.

The ramifications of lockdown are widespread; a particular outcome being the absent audience.  Ask yourself what was valuable and important to you when you no longer had an audience? Did you still enjoy your designer bag or expensive jewellery? Did you continue feeling the same excitement about being ahead in fashion? Did you still love the scent of your perfume? Did you embrace the quiet time in the evening by enjoying the opportunity to read a book, spend time with the family or were you longing to go out to the openings and cocktail parties? Did you still enjoy your home interiors and the art on your walls?

The answer to the above, of course, can be yes, providing it is your truth.  However, many of you would be surprised to discover the extent your hierarchy of choices and preferences is dictated by the opinion and judgement of others.  Self-assess and take a mental note of what was unimportant and the aspects that you did not miss during the lockdown.

It’s imperative to recognise you’re the most important observer and witness of your own life.  We are now entering as what can be best described, the ‘new norm’; ensure your life is authentic rather than a show for others in which you nominate yourself to be critiqued by society or even the imaginary audience. Your only points of reference- "does it feel good and right to me" or "does it serve my higher good". The life decorated for the approval of others is owned by the audience. Use this momentum to strip away all the peripheral nonsense and keep what resonates with your truth.

An authentic life is a new prestige.  It’s time to own your life by discarding everything that only has value when observed by others.