Alla Svirinskaya

Your instant retreat

Your instant retreat

I've always been sceptical about healers - but I can appeciate that some people have a special kind of insignfulness and energy which sets them apart from the rest of us mere mortals and Alla Svirinskaya is one of them.

Alla is a 5th generation Russian healer, coached secretly from the age of six in Soviet Moscow by her mother ( she is also a trained GP which intrigues me). Her impressive client list includes royalty and A-list alike and you have to wait at least 8 months to see her in person. The good news- she has now created Alla's Instant Retreat - an innovative mediaiton CD, which basically helps you to fast track your meditation practice and acheive a deeper level of peace and tranquility.

There are three different meditations including Release - which allows you to let go and forgive, Rebalance, helps you achieve inner harmony and Rejoice which enables you to reconnect to your own source of bliss and joy. All audio uses scientifically proven brain entrainment technology that balances brain waves and takes the listener to a meditative level usually only accessed by seasoned meditation practitioners and gurus.

If you are seeking calm and tranquility then her CD is worth a whirl.