Alla Svirinskaya

DETOX your life

DETOX your life

DETOX your life

Alla Svirinskaya's star-studded clientele have her on speed dial, so what are her secrets for ultimate wellbeing? Lucy Cheek finds out

You know those people who bound around happily and seemingly have limitless reserves of energy as they sip on peppermint tea, while you glare accusingly at your double-strength latte that's failed to give you the same boost? Well, Alla Svirinskaya, a fifth-generation healer, claims to be able to put an end to your sluggishness once and for all. In her book Energy Secrets: The Ultimate Wellbeing Plan, she shows you how to cleanse your entire body inside and out to unleash unique powers of energy, shift the dynamics in your life and give you a detox like no other. Based in London, Alla has attracted several members of the A-list clan including Kylie Minogue and Liz Hurley, and if you're after an appointment with her, you may be waiting for months! Luckily for you, you can jump to the head of the queue, as we've gleaned Alla's secrets to turning your life around...


According to Alla, everything in our world is 'vibrating with energy', from a dog to a lamppost, and the reason that most of us aren't achieving fulfilment in life is because we aren't channelling it in the right way, 'If your energy is healthy, not only will your body be healthy, but your life will be, too,' Alla says. And, while a healthy dose of scepticism may come from those who think an aura (the energy that is passing around us) sounds a bit like a tropical plant, Alla believes strongly in it. She says that illness, injury or stress all start in the energy field first before affecting the physical body so, by managing our energy flow the right way, we can manage our life for a happier, healthier existence. Why not give it a whirl? Read on for a few of Alla's top tips...



While Alla recommends a four-week deep-cleansing programme of your colon, liver and kidneys, you can also clear your mind, cleanse your body and kick-start your energy with a few of her golden food rules...

  • Seek out the freshest, purest food, base your meals around organic fruit and vegetables.
  • Include plenty of wholegrains in your diet
  • Nuts and seeds provide much-needed protein and are a great source of micronutrients.
  • Fish is an excellent way to get vital vitamins and minerals in your diet, but make sure it comes from non-polluted waters and is not an endangered species.
  • Drink plenty of water, around two litres a day (avoid drinking out of plastic bottles though; it's a breeding ground for bacteria).
  • Stick to cold-pressed oils for dressing salads and adding to grains, and use cold-pressed olive oil for cooking.
  • Avoid all products with E numbers (such as E249 and E250), and try to avoid processed meals and foods with colourings, flavourings and artificial sweeteners.
  • Use maple syrup and honey instead of sugar. Can't beat a sugar craving? Alla suggests cleansing your tongue win the morning with a teaspoon, gently scraping the surface.
  • Reduce your salt intake. Seaweed (try sushi) is a great substitute for savoury fiends!
  • Limit your alcohol, tea and coffee intake and go for herbal teas instead.
  • Eat a little of what you fancy. Just choose the best, purest quality of whatever it is, such as 'real' potato crisps.


  • De-clutter your space

Clutter negatively affects our psyche and drains our human life energy, according to Alla. 'Be as brutal as you can with removing all types of clutter,' she advises. 'Get rid of things you no longer need; give generously to charity shops or generate some extra money with car boot sales. Remind yourself that you are loosening the energy of the past, making room for new things, fresh experiences and lively new energy in your life.' Alla also recommends a good physical cleaning, where floors are worked over with a vacuum cleaner followed by a wet wash. Your windows should be open to allow negative energy to leave, too. Then, after you've physically cleaned, you can cleanse the energy of your home by lighting beeswax candles around the house.

  • Steamy thoughts

Alla believes strongly in hydrotherapy (the use of water to treat illness and pain) and the healing powers of steam baths. 'One major problem of detoxification is getting rid of stored mucus in the body. In Russia, a specific form of steam bath called banya has been used for this since ancient times; it's a pleasant and effective way of doing this.' In addition, many people believe a culprit of ageing is poor perspiration of the skin and that a serving of steam can help to widen your pores and eliminate wrinkles. If you don't happen to be in Moscow for a banya though, a sauna or steam room or even a bath will work just as well!

  • Skin brushing

'Skin brushing is an effective way to stimulate the expulsion of mucus and loosen other toxic matter that clogs the lymphatic system and lymph nodes, and it will improve your skin tone, too,' says Alla. Buy a natural bristle brush (available from most pharmacies) and always work on your dry skin before your bath or shower. Using long, sweeping movements, brush towards your heart (avoiding your breasts, underarms or any sensitive areas), and don't brush over broken skin.

  • Think yourself happy

'Thought has a direct effect on your spiritual self and your energy, if your thoughts flow in a smooth way, you will feel happy and have a strong sense of vitality,' explains Alla. To enrich your mental energy, try this exercise at bedtime: close your eyes and try to remember in minute detail, what gave you pleasure during the day, it could be a compliment on your outfit or a delicious lunch, and try to sense those feelings again. The more detailed your recollections and the more they activate your senses, the more effective they'll become.

Lucy Cheek, Women's Fitness