Alla Svirinskaya

Talk "Own Your Energy" at The Life Center

Blog published on 8th August 2019

Date: 08/09/2019
2-4pm at Notting Hill

"Just as no two fingerprints are alike, so too are we all different in our energy signature".

Alla Svirinskaya is an internationally celebrated healer who has overcome tremendous cynicism to bring her revolutionary healing methods into the mainstream. She observed time and again that in order to achieve true, sustainable wellbeing and live authentically we must live in alignment with our unique energy frequency.

In other words, we must own our energy. Otherwise, it will be owned and overpowered by the energy of others.

In this talk, she will draw on her unparalleled knowledge as a fifth-generation healer to share her insights on energy protection, energy vampires, how to match your life to your unique “energy ID” and will introduce you to her pioneering concept of the energyceutical meditation.

This event is a special part of Alla's exclusive celebratory lecture tour to mark the global release of her new book Own Your Energy.

After her talk, there will be an opportunity to purchase a copy of the book and to get it signed by the author.

Alla Svirinskaya is a medically trained, fifth-generation energy healer who was coached secretly in Soviet Moscow by her mother and is now considered one of the world's top experts in holistic wellness. She has acted as a senior consultant to leading spas around the world, including the iconic Chiva-Som in Thailand. Her books, Energy Secrets and Your Secret Laws of Power, have become international bestsellers and been translated into 16 languages. Alla counts numerous celebrity and royal clients among the thousands of people she has helped.

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