Alla Svirinskaya

Alla Svirinskaya: energy healer to the stars

Alla Svirinskaya: energy healer to the stars

Alla Svirinskaya, 38, is a fifth generation Russian doctor turned energy healer to the stars. Her A-list clientele includes Kylie Minogue, Donna Karan and the Duchess of York and her daughters.

Alla Svirinskaya

Yet she's equally respected by the conventional medical establishment. Top London doctors regularly refer clients to her to treat conditions like sports injury or infertility. Or when a symptom leaves them scratching their head, as in the case of the son of a former Iraqi Prime Minister who suffered persistent hiccups for over a year. After a few treatments, she'd cured him and transformed his general health. Her waiting list is seven months long.

Why swap conventional medicine for bioenergy healing?
One school of medicine is not the antagonist of the other. Both have a common goal to heal the patient. I'm all for the best of both worlds. We need to remember that orthodox medicine is a science of illness and doesn't teach patient the prevention. True prevention is your way of life. The alternative medicine practitioner can guide people well in how to live life in harmony.

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We fail to be in harmony when we're addicted to quick fixes, for example. Or when we're looking for it in the wrong place, like shopping or plastic surgery. If you want your life to change, you need to show dedication and persistence. Healing is also a valuable prevention tool. I can identify a disease before it manifests itself physically as a symptom, and so can send people to the doctor very quickly. I'm sure my work has saved lives.

What do you say to the sceptics?
"For the ones who believe, no proof is necessary. For the ones who don't, no proof is enough." The results I'm getting with people can't be denied. My success rate is very high.

What are the most common problems you treat?
Fatigue, depression, bad digestion, a bad back and infertility. Every patient is different, as is the cause. But one thing is clear - we have a really low expectation of how we can feel. We settle for survival rather than a life fully lived. I've had clients blame their lack of energy on being 40!

Why are we in such a sorry state?
We don't eat well and abuse our energy every day by not living in harmony with our true self. That's why I write books, give talks and make CDs - to guide people away from becoming their own worst enemy.

So what should we be eating?
The most important thing about diet is never to demonize food. It's OK to eat junk sometimes, just make sure it's the best quality and purest you can afford, like organic dark chocolate and oven-baked crisps. Have the real thing, but in moderation.

The PH balance of our food is hugely important to energy levels, too; eat more alkaline than acidic food. Pathogens thrive in an acid environment. Avoiding salt, dairy and excessive alcohol will also help.

Wellbeing, meditation and spirituality are now talked about everywhere. What do you want to say about this shift?
We're disillusioned; we've realised that materialism doesn't make us happy, and are beginning to understand that the biggest luxury is the quality time we spend with ourselves and our family. Success is not about racing around non-stop trying to please others.

But in order to be truly spiritual we need first to have the right intent to move beyond the surface to the deeper truth. It's not about buying more crystals or chanting. It's an intimate path and we should choose wisely the tools which will bring us to our unique inner centre.

What can we do today to starting being healthier, happier and more energised?
My mother always told me I'd never be happy unless I learnt to notice blessings in my every day life. And I do! Of course, my ability to trigger big changes in people is a huge source of happiness. And I never hold a grudge.